The Bootcamp is a comprehensive programme that breaks down the overwhelming scope of agency new business & marketing into small steps.

As a participant, you will:

  • Set clear objectives for sales and marketing based on your ambitions for the agency
  • Define a new business and marketing strategy and create a tailored 12-month tactical plan for implementation
  • Identify areas for marginal gains performance improvement, across tactical sales and marketing activities, to increase ROI

Is this course for you?

  • Created to tackle the unique challenges faced by owners and managers of agencies of up to ten people and with revenue of up to £1m

  • Designed for all agency disciplines; creative, marketing, communications, digital – and everything in between

  • 60 daily lessons and set tasks to complete, delivered online and designed to fit into your busy schedule

  • Includes four 45-minute mentoring sessions with Lucy Mann, via video call, for bespoke advice (additional bolt-on sessions can be purchased if required)

  • Provides all the document templates and tools you need to create and maintain your new business strategy and plan – now and in the years ahead


Lucy Mann

Lucy Mann has worked in agency new business and marketing for 30 years, generating, qualifying and winning new clients, as well as recruiting, managing and mentoring teams. Since launching her consultancy, Gunpowder, in 2012 and by utilising a mixture of auditing, strategic planning, training and mentoring processes, Lucy supports agencies to maximise the return on their new business, marketing and client development efforts. Lucy is a Design Business Association Expert Advisor, a consultant for creative network YCN, a Future Factory training partner and a regular speaker at industry events on the subject of agency growth. In January 2017, Lucy created the Small Spark Theory® podcast to explore how taking a marginal gains approach can help agencies improve their new business performance.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Preparation & inspiration

    • 1. Welcome to the Bootcamp

    • 2. Good habits

    • 3. Defining growth

    • 4. Reframing sales and marketing

    • 5. Looking to the future

  • 2

    Considerations for growth

    • 6. Planning for exit (even if you aren't)

    • 7. Implications of scale

  • 3

    Agency audit

    • 8. The agency audit

    • 9. Clients and revenue analysis

    • 10. Conversion analysis

    • 11. Marketing activity analysis

    • 12. Assets analysis

    • 13. Resource analysis

    • 14. External analysis

  • 4

    Setting objectives

    • 15. Setting productive objectives

    • 16. Revenue & client objectives

    • 17. Service objectives

    • 18. People & places objectives

    • 19. Profile & reputation objectives

    • 20. Objectives summary

  • 5

    Strategy & planning

    • 21. Strategy & the power of expertise

    • 22. Defining how you help

    • 23. Articulating your offer

    • 24. Finding your voice

    • 25. Setting your strategy

    • 26. Creating a workable plan

  • 6


    • 27. Defining your audience

    • 28. Heat mapping your audience

    • 29. Growing & nurturing the network

    • 30. Let's not forget your client audience

  • 7

    Clients, repeat business & referrals

    • 31. Client development

    • 32. Client satisfaction audits

    • 33. Understanding advocates

  • 8

    Converting prospects

    • 34. Inbound, outbound & referred opportunities

    • 35. Lead qualification

    • 36. Meeting prospects

    • 37. Documents that support conversion

    • 38. Pitch process & planning

    • 39. Small Spark Theory pitching tips

    • 40. Pricing & negotiation

    • 41. Post-pitch processes

  • 9

    Optimising assets

    • 42. The website as an asset

    • 43. Content that supports positioning

    • 44. Case studies

    • 45. Awards

  • 10

    Optimising channels

    • 46. The website as a channel - search engine marketing

    • 47. The website as a channel - calls to action

    • 48. Social media

    • 49. LinkedIn & Sales Navigator

    • 50. Networking in person

    • 51. Events

    • 52. Other media channels

    • 53. Exposure in traditional media

    • 54. Agency newsletters

    • 55. Lead generation services

    • 56. Leveraging partners

  • 11

    Measurement & momentum

    • 57. Ongoing performance measurement

    • 58. Measuring & tracking the pipeline

    • 59. Fostering a new business-focused culture

    • 60. Understanding the client journey

Course fee: £3,500 + VAT

Includes 60 daily lessons and 4 x 45 minute one-to-one video calls with your mentor

What our clients say

“I can totally recommend this amazing course as we are in the process of doing it at Special Projects. It's really ideal for small, specialised creative studios like us. Lucy Mann is an incredible teacher / mentor, just listen to her podcasts and see for yourself!”

Adrian Westaway, Principal, Special Projects

“As always it's incredibly helpful to have your wise words as a sounding board. I'm really glad I've got the opportunity to work through the rest of the course without the distraction of the office and I'm optimistic about managing to navigate a path out of lockdown for a stronger WDC Creative.”

Helen West, Director, WDC Creative

“Lucy has made a great and lasting change to my business. She did her homework diligently, found our competition, discovered our ambitions, explored our potential and delivered a bespoke set of stepping stones for us to follow to achieve fantastic results and long lasting consistency towards accountable new business. ”

David Chiverton-Bulstrode, Founder & Creative Director, Tinker&Finch

“We’ve been implementing Lucy’s new business strategy since 2013. Lucy’s recommendations had a very big impact on how we operate, on how we plan ahead and, of course, on how our business is growing.”

Joanna Brassett, Founder, intO

“I worked with Lucy across a number of 1-1 sessions. At the time, I was embarking on a new challenge by taking on a business development role which was something I hadn’t done before so naturally, I had a lot of questions! Lucy has a way about her that can put anyone at ease. I felt instantly connected to her and she was the perfect sounding board for me. She’s approachable, a fantastic listener and has an armoury of useful tools and will carefully help you figure out a way forward that works based on your individual personality and skills. I can’t recommend Lucy enough!”

Heather Williams, Business Development Director

“We have worked with Lucy across our business for a number of years. The strategy she applies to tackling new business challenges is always insightful and delivered in effective digestible segments.”

Sarah Turner, Managing Director, Carter Wong Design

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